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Granting dreams to children who are critically or chronically ill

As children, we all dream big.


Who we are.

As children, we all dream big. Some of us imagine visiting storybook, far away places. Others long for a furry, four-legged friend. Still, others dream of meeting our heroes. And if we are lucky, many of us see those dreams become reality somewhere along the road of life.

But for children struggling with critical or chronic illnesses like diabetes, cystic fibrosis or cancer, the road may be all too short and there is little time to realize such big dreams.

The dream factory exists for them.

Since 1985, the Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City has remained dedicated to making dreams come true for critically or chronically ill children. As a 100 percent volunteer organization, granting dreams is our mission, smiling children are our vision. And in more than three decades, our devoted volunteers and generous business supporters have created thousands of smiles. We are proud to say that more than 85 percent of the funds raised or donated to the Greater Kansas City chapter of the Dream Factory remain right here, granting the dreams of deserving children in our community.

From ocean cruises to new computers to Disney character meetings and shopping sprees—the Dream Factory continues to proudly grant dreams of all shapes and sizes to the children in and around the Kansas City area.

For children and their families who live each day not knowing what the future may bring, a dream granted brings a little ray of light, a little bit of hope and a lifetime of memories.




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Director of fundraising events

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