By donating your car, bus, van or truck to the Dream Factory of Kansas City, you can help “Drive” a child’s “Dream” of doing something special he or she has always wanted but could only dream about up until now. Your proceeds help critically and chronically ill children, ages three through 18, feel confident so they can enjoy life every single day!

The Dream Factory Makes It Easy To Donate By Providing…

  • Complimentary Towing and Pick-up.
  • All DMV Transfer Paperwork and Processing.
  • TAX Forms and Guidance for a Nice Deduction.

Your Donation Truly Pays Off

Once a vehicle is sold in our consumer auction or wholesale center, taxpayers can deduct the proceeds the Dream Factory receives from the sale. Within 30 days of the transaction, vehicle donors will receive a written acknowledgement from the Dream Factory Vehicle Donation Program that includes the final sale price.

Donating a vehicle to the Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City is a good investment, it makes sense…And, it’s as easy as it is rewarding.

Simply call (913) 424-9541 to Directly Reach our Program Administrator, Greg Ross or fill out the intake form below.