Dream Factory Fall 2016 Newsletter

Harley's Story

Meet Harley, one of Kansas City’s dreamers. At just 1 month old Harley was diagnosed with complications from Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). This hole in Harley’s heart left her with little appetite, harder and faster breathing than normal, and almost no energy to run around and play. Harley even had trouble staying awake much of the time due to the constant stress on her heart. She had to be suctioned while eating and her breathing had to be constantly monitored. Harley was hospitalized at least once a year for distressed breathing due to asthma attacks. In 2014, after countless days in hospital beds and numerous doctor visits, Harley had open heart surgery at just five years old to get her heart working and to finally find a normal childhood. She and her grandparents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House the night before her surgery and they are so grateful Dream Factory is now partnering with them.

Around the time of her surgery, Harley was referred to the Dream Factory and was granted her dream to go to Disney World to meet all of the Disney Princesses. Harley was surprised with the dream at her dad’s work by Cinderella herself, who came all that way to help make Harley’s dream come true. When she finally made it to Disney World, Harley got to wear her own tiara and she took a picture with every single princess at Disney!
Harley also attended a Kansas City Chiefs game as part of the Dream Factory’s special Defense is Kids Stuff Program with the Chiefs. She wore her Chiefs red and got to high-five all the Chiefs players as they came off the field from pre-game practice. Harley was excited to watch the game and eat all the yummy food in a beautiful suite donated by the Cocherl Family Foundation.
Harley had an amazing time at Disney World with her grandparents, her dad, and his girlfriend, and loved spending time with the Kansas City Chiefs. Harley now has memories—and a healthy heart, as well as fewer asthma attacks — to last her a lifetime.  She will never forget all the new friends she has met through this journey. Harley is now in 2nd grade in Waverly, MO and looks forward to a long and healthy life

New Partnership

The Dream Factory has developed a relationship with the Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City and we look forward to connecting to providing more smiles and dreams to the children involved with both organizations. This partnership will help us grow and give.

Van Till Winery

Van Till Winery has specially crafted a unique red blend in support of  the Dream Factory  called "Daydream". Bottles are $30.00 bucks at the Van Till winery - with a portion of profits going to the Dream Factory.

Stop by and pick up your bottle while they last:

Van Till Family Farm Winery
13986 State Highway C
Rayville, MO 64084

AMC Grant Recieved.

It is with great excitement that the Dream Factory accepts $20,000 through the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund. During the AMC Cares Charitable Grant Fund Annual Ceremony, AMC announced the 2016 awards for 35 charitable organizations nationwide. This year, AMC donated more than $3.4 million in cash and in-kind donations to charities that support children and youth.

Thank you AMC Theaters for helping make dreams come true!

 Julianne Recieves Her Dream!

Dream Factory has been featured in the Liberty Tribune. Click HERE for the full article

Volunteer Recognition

Congratulations to our Director of Volunteers, Elaine Apel, for recognition as a community giver in the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat on July 8th, 2016.
Elaine Apel has been a Dream Manager and volunteer for the Dream Factory since 2006. Elaine has been on the Board of Directors for Volunteers since 2010 and also is self employed as a therapist and counselor billing specialist.

Students attending Ottawa University pulled their resources together to raise funds for a good cause. The students were recognized at a recent Volunteer meeting where they presented the proceeds to President Sarah Schlitz [above].

Thank you to all who contributed!


Ottawa University Students Team Up to Support Dream Factory